Adidas Rejects Student’s Inspiring Commercial – They Regret It Now

Businesses make bad decisions all the time. They hire the wrong people for a position or do campaigns that have bad public reception. But this big company rejected a student’s ad concept. And I’m sure they are now shaking their head in regret!

Adidas is a global company famous for its sporting apparel and inspiring campaigns. However, they missed a huge opportunity when they failed to acknowledge German student, Eugene Mercer’s moving short-film. Eugene made the video as a tribute to a recently deceased relative, who gave him the inspiration for this incredible video.

In it, an aging runner wishes for a final run. However, the elderly home where he lives does not allow him to leave the confinements. Moreover, he tries to escape only to be held back by the people who don’t believe he can do it. But the way he does break free is so incredibly heartening.

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