Fashion is considered as a way of expressing yourself. What you wear is directly related to who you are and how you want to present yourself to other people. Everyone has their own sense of style but sometimes it tends to get a little out of hand, doesn’t it? I am sure you have seen some of these nonsensical styles yourselves.

This cowboy in the video is having none of that though. You will be in hysterics when you hear what he has to say about “below waist” pants, aka sagging pants. He just saw some young men wearing their pants around their knees, but wait till you hear his rant! It is even more hysterical, because it is very true! Not only does he have something to say to young men, but he also gives advice to old fellas and girls as well!

Watch his funny rant below! Did this man crack you up? Let us know what you think about such fashion in the comments!

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