Sick Dog Found In Abandoned House Surprises Everyone With A Miraculous Transformation

When animals are treated like objects, or even less than an object, it really makes you lose your faith in humanity. Poor Violet began her life in the cruelest way. She was disposed away like she was nothing at all. She had been living alone and scared in an abandoned house in a corner of Louisiana. Thankfully, The Humane Society came to her rescue before things got even worse.

She had nothing to live on, not even food and water. She was so exhausted and weak that she could barely get herself up on the floor to even take a few steps.

To make matters worse, the poor dog had lost all her fur. That meant that her body was covered in open wounds that were probably hurting her so much for so long. What was even more heartbreaking was that she wasn’t the only dog found in the house.

They were rushed to the hospital right after being found. Every one of the dogs desperately needed treatment. After several days of getting love and care, Violet slowly started to blossom. She started to feel like a totally new dog. She would be put up for adoption after she got better, and that didn’t take too long at all.

Now after her rescue and recovery, she looks like a completely different dog. She is now in a loving home, surrounded by people that she loves and that love her back. The Humane Society did an amazing job of rescuing and rehabilitating such a tortured dog like Violet and transforming her into a happy, playful pooch. Sadly, there are so many other dogs that are less fortunate than her. Things will take some time to be totally perfect, but with everyone’s efforts, a world without animal cruelty is surely possible!