The bond between humans and dogs is something out of a fairy tale. They are caring, loyal, faithful, and highly astute. These human companions have an unerring ability to judge people within the first few visits. If your pet doesn’t like anyone, chances are they are not very nurturing.

When Benjamin and Hope Jordan moved to Charleston, their top priority was to find a nanny. Hence, like every careful parent, they scrutinize every candidate. They did background checks, everything that was possible to be on the safe side. Eventually, they found the right nanny to look after their young son “Finn.” Few months passed, everything was going okay.

After a total of five months, the couple noticed strange behaviors from their black lab, Killian. Whenever the nanny was around, the pet started getting defensive. Initially, he would stand between Finn and the nanny. Gradually the aggression grew stronger. After such repeated incidents, the family decided to record the surrounding when they were not around. They left an iPhone hidden on the couch. When the parents came back, they were shocked to hear seven and half hours of non-stop cursing. While Finn was neglected and left to cry.

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