A Lion Creeps Up Behind This Girl – When She Sees It, Her Reaction is Priceless

Did you sometimes see a video or poster differently than your fellow observers? It’s a common occurrence, with two people looking at the same thing and perceiving it differently. How about I help you provide an example to support my theory?

In the clip, a lion in a zoo slowly walks up behind this little girl. After that, the toddler turns around to find the lion up close and runs away. There’s quite a bit of online discussion as to whether the girl got scared or if she was just surprised. As she’s running away, people interpret the look on her face differently: some say horror, others say she’s almost smiling.

Another topic of conversation, and to me equally as important, is the viewpoint of the lion. To many the animal seems in prey-stalking mode, but to me she looks despondent. Her eyes lost in distant remembrance of walking free out in the world, just like the little girl she’s watching.

I think that’s why she’s watching so closely–she’d really like to just get out. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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