Plane Turns Around After Careless Mom Forgets Her Baby at the Airport

Have you ever packed for a trip, felt like you forgot something? We all make mistakes and leave things behind, but it’s usually something mundane like sunglasses or batteries. But this woman forgot something that made the pilot agree to turn the around— her baby!

Flight SV832 had taken off from the King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia. This routine flight was heading to Malaysia and was going fine until a woman alerted the crew that she forgot her baby in the waiting area of the terminal. Think of the confusion on the ground when the pilot contacts the tower to make a U-turn!

woman forgets baby in airport

The air traffic controllers, who are used to dealing with significant safety and health emergencies, were nevertheless shocked by the pilot’s request. Who leaves a baby in an airport?

Ultimately the controllers give permission to divert the flight after the hysterical woman refused to continue with the trip. Watch the full video below!

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