Two Different Cameras Catch World’s Biggest Avalanche Unfold – Shocking!

An avalanche is a sudden and rapid flow of snow, ice, and rock down a steep slope. It is a natural phenomenon that can occur in mountainous areas and can be triggered by a variety of factors. Avalanches can be extremely dangerous and can cause injury, death, and significant property damage.

There are several factors that can cause an avalanche, including the slope of the mountain, the temperature, the weather and external events such as human activity or earthquakes. When an avalanche occurs, it can move at incredible speeds, reaching up to 80 miles per hour. The weight and force of the snow can be enough to knock over trees and buildings, burying anything in its path.

Avalanche safety measures, including careful snowpack analysis, controlled detonations of unstable snowpacks, and the use of avalanche transceivers, can help reduce the risk of injury and death.

In this video, we see an avalanche that appears to be induced as it was recorded in Norway by All Star Films, multi-camera direction by Thom Goddard, in 2015. The unbelievable destructive power is clearly evident as the snow and debris races all the way across the lake. Watch the full video below (two different angles) and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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