Beach Camera Captures Incredible Footage of Meteor Hitting the Ocean

I’m pretty sure that this camera owner had no idea he was going to capture this wild event on film: a meteor blazing through earth’s atmosphere, crashing into the ocean and generating a blast wave that blew over the camera!

Ever wonder what the difference is between meteorites and meteors? A meteorite is a piece of cosmic debris, typically generated by an asteroid collision, and streaks through space. A meteor is a meteorite that hits the earth’s atmosphere.

There are three types of meteors:

  • earth grazers that make a streak close to the horizon – these have the longest and brightest tails
  • fireballs, which are very bright and longer lasting than earth grazers, with debris radius that ranges from about a foot to 10-15 feet.
  • bolides are debris pieces that are larger than fireballs and typically explode in the atmosphere.

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