She Thought It Was a Giant Rock Laying but on Closer Look, Immediatly Sprung Into Action

By helping others who are in need, we find a peaceful moment within ourselves. Hence, the whole experience is rewarding and exhilarating. Such is the story of a couple in the clip below, during their leisure early morning walk.

A woman and her boyfriend were enjoying their walk near the beach shore one morning. When they laid their eyes on a turtle. From afar, the animal of water was hardly moving. Therefore, the pair realized something was wrong.

When walking closer to the animal, they saw a cry for help. The poor creature was stuck in between two rocks. More than half of his body was trapped inside the creaks. The woman tried to move him alone once. And her effort went to vain, then came along her boyfriend.

They could hardly move the turtle, not even an inch. The reason could be the heavyweight. A Green Sea Turtle can weigh up to 700 pounds with a width of almost 5 feet. So, the couple searched a long wood and used it as a lever to move him away from the creak, with her boyfriend pushing from an inward position.

Eventually, they move the Sea creature little by little and finally freeing him of his misery. The animal, free of his painful experience of hours now, started flapping towards the water. The rescue was happy to successfully execute it, with such an enormous amount of effort and hard work.

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