Couple’s Improvisational Dance Earns First Place At Wild Wild Westie Invitational

The Wild Wild Westie Invitational winning pair stunned their audience with their sexy and slick moves. Michael Kielbasa and Kristen Humphrey were able to impress not just the judges or audience but all of the viewers on YouTuber too.

The duo makes each and every move look so easy and flawless. The love birds take on the dance floor with a storm. We are clearly able to witness the improvisation of the steps in motion by the exceptional dancers. The effortless maneuvers display instant chemistry between the two.

They pull off a series of crazy spins and dips. Though their style had all the edges of swing dance. But their choice in music is quite bold. For instance, “Twerk it like Miley” is not an easy song to conquer; however, they make it look breezy.

From moonwalk to contemporary moves, they have got it all. Abruptly the music changes to “A Place With No Name” by Michael Jackson, but the spectacular couple doesn’t even miss a beat. The whole video is an example of bonding at the end of the day. However, we don’t want to spoil all the clips for you. So, please enjoy the captivating duo in motion. Do share your afterthoughts in the feed.

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