Man Earns Internet Fame For His Impressive Bricklaying Skills

Binge-watching satisfying videos on the internet is one of my few guilty pleasures. Whether it is ASMR sounds or cutting play dough, there is always an abundance to choose from. Furthermore, many individuals get famous just for being a part of such activities.

Similar to the construction worker from Essex, England is taking the internet by storm with his bricklaying skills. Even though it’s simple to work, his specific skills in this department are impressive for the viewers. Let’s be honest, physical features have always been attractive to humankind. We have documentaries praising the ability to run a marathon or climb a mountain.

And these are only a few ones that actually stand out, whereas there are people who display the same intricate physical abilities in their work daily. They go unnoticed by the power of media; however, the internet always provides them the deserved recognition.

He lays bricks in the footage one by one but quickly without missing a single spot or even repeating a former work. He is really focused on his work, so much that we only hear the sounds of the stones. All of that precision only comes from his muscle memory. What an astounding thing to witness?

Apart from the comments concerning his back pain, the man is gaining a massive amount of praise for the work. What do you think of his excellency? Please share with us in the feed.

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