Toddler gets off the car and sees her dad in handcuff. Her next move will break your heart into pieces

Police brutality is a known fact in America these days. So, whenever we see a video of officers stopping a vehicle, we automatically feel uncomfortable. But have we ever thought about what message does that give to the young generation? Since we all know that kids learn whatever e teach them. So, when the police pulled over this couple, it was a moment of learning for their toddler.

Police in Tallahassee, Florida, pulled over a couple as suspected shoplifters. They handcuffed one of the parents and were seen pointing a gun towards the vehicle at all times. The footage was as disturbing as it is. But what is more devastating is what happens afterward. A few minutes after handcuffing the guy, a little girl is seen coming out of the vehicle. And she has her arms up in the air.

toddler surrenders to police

After pulling them over, the police put two of the men in handcuffs. The mother was left inside. But after a while, she also comes out of the car, leaving her two toddlers inside. But when there is an investigation going on, a 2-year-old girl is seen getting out of the vehicle.

And before you know it, the barefoot girl has her arms in the air just like her dad. The people nearby even say that one of the officers has a gun pointed at the kid. But the police reassured that the gun was pointed towards the car.

WATCH the horrific video below.

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