Mom rushes in to help her puppies after a heavy rainfall. But now they’re stuck on a water drain

Animals are different from humans, and for us, it’s hard to understand and predict them a lot of times. But there are certain times we can understand exactly what they’re trying to say. Especially when they need help from us.

A street dog in Quang Tri, Vietnam, gave birth to her babies. Since she lived on the street, she didn’t have a proper place to give birth. Hence, she chooses a water drain. But unfortunately, there was excessive rainfall after she gave birth. So, her puppies all fell on the drain.

rescued puppies

The mother couldn’t take the babies out because the hole was too small. So, she ran off to search for help. She was desperate to save her newborn puppies. And luckily she found some people. She dragged them to the location for them to finally know what was going on.

The men that came for rescue then break the cover of the drain. And one by one, they rescue all eight pups from the small drain. Surprisingly all the puppies were safe and sound. After all the dogs were rescued, the mom happily feeds them milk while getting friendly petting from the rescuers.

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