Drug abuse has been a significant problem in many countries. Especially the ones that have prohibited any usage. History has been evidently decriminalizing drugs has shown promising swift in records in many countries. Take Portugal, for example. The country changed its drug policy and saw the change.

Many people stray away from normal life once they get into the habit of using drugs. Distancing themselves from the family day after day to a point, they eventually become homeless. Similar is the story of Robert Morris, who lost the precious years of his life due to the addiction issue. But a simple act of kindness from Deputy Matt Holman helped turn his life around.

Matt met Robert on a rainy night, walking down the streets. Police officers generally know their area like the back of their hands. They may not know the names of every homeless people, but they sure do recognize and have a headcount. Robert looked new, so Matt started talking with him. It turns out Robert had been living in the woods. Sadly his tent got washed during the flood.

He made one request, a Bible to hold onto. Fortunately, the officer carried around an extra copy in his car. The deputy gave it away. But that’s not all. He fed the poor man. Six months later, he got a voice mail, and this is how it goes. Please press play and enjoy this beautiful story.

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