Best Brother Wedding Speech Kills Crowd (hilarious ending!)

As stressful as weddings are for the bride and the groom, the best man has a more significant responsibility. To deliver, the best man’s speech is not an easy job. You have to stand there in front of the entire guests and talk. And you also need to make sure that your speech is engaging and doesn’t bore the people present. So, when Alan Goodhoofd asked his brother Aaron to be his best man, it was a little overwhelming.

Aaron, like any loving brother, agreed to the duty. And he was also affirmative of the having to give a speech part. Because he would have an opportunity to make jokes about his brother in front of everyone. And what he came up with was hilarious and commendable.

funny bestman speech

Aaron delivers a 13-minute long speech. But there wasn’t a single dull moment. He made sure to make people have a wonderful time throughout. Aaron joked about his brother’s kidney stone and how he looked more like a big brother. He also had some punchlines regarding their surname “Goodhoofd.”

WATCH the entire hilarious best man’s speech below.

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