Family gatherings can always bring a range of emotions. However, funerals are one occasion where everyone feels the same— sad. But if you think about it, the meaning behind this event is quite beautiful. Everyone gathers in the memory of the person they care so much about. And it doesn’t always have to be somber! And this little girl brings a little light with her adorable dancing.

The Irish are rather traditional people. Whatever they do, they never forget their roots. And one part of their culture that everyone loves is dancing! So after the end of an Irish wake, this 2-year-old thought to bring some much-needed cheer to her family. So, she began dancing!

toddler irish dancing

The adorable toddler starts dancing as her mother guides her in the back. Moreover, she is an excellent dancer and shows off her footwork in a traditional Irish folk tune. The tiny girl even makes use of the whole stage, moving around while clapping on cue. You can see she has an evident passion for the art form. And manages to bring a little cheer during a solemn time! Watch the video below:

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