Tim Mcgraw is in Awe of His Daughter’s Talents – Gets Emotional Hearing Her Sing

Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill are a power couple who have been in the country music scene for a long time. And rightfully so! The chart-topping music they make has a special place in many people’s hearts. Moreover, the artistic couple’s talents have made way to their homes as well. And their eldest daughter, Gracie McGraw, seems to have picked up a thing or two!

You can hear Gracie in one of Tim McGraw’s album tracks. So, it’s no surprise that the 21-year-old has a good voice! However, since she moved to Los Angeles, it’s been a while since the father has heard his little girl sing. Luckily, they had a chance for one-on-one quality time when they went on to a road trip together.

tim mcgraws daughter

“What kind of Fool” by Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibbs is playing on the radio as the father and daughter are hitting the road. Moreover, both the McGraw’s seem to know the song by heart! Gracie starts singing, and she has a gorgeous voice! Furthermore, Tim is in awe of how incredible of a singer Gracie is, and can’t help but look her way. Their little jam session even got the praise of her mother, who claims that Barbra Streisand would be proud. And I’m sure both parents are as well. Watch the sweet video below:

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