German Shepherd Hilariously Nags Lazy Husky to Play With Him

Dogs are definitely the best companions we can have. They are always so much fun to be around. But before bringing a dog as a pet, you must be able to do a few things. You need to be sure that you are ready for the responsibility of caring for them and that you will be there for them on the long run. Make to choose a breed of dog that will suit your lifestyle. You shouldn’t get an energetic and strong breed if you can’t make time to exercise them. German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies are both every active breeds, and are just brimming with energy all the time.

German Shepherds especially have to be engaged with something or the other. The following video shows one German Shepherd was craving for a nice play time. Kaden the Shepherd just wanted to play and frolic around—he was so excited! Meanwhile, his friend Zeus the Husky was not having any of it. What you’re about to see is a very energetic and stubborn dog try to convince a not-so-perky but equally stubborn dog to play, and it’s amazing.

Zeus was trying to get some rest, but Kaden wanted to party a lot. He kept pouncing on the husky, trying to convince him to move from his spot and play with him. It didn’t go down that well though, as Zeus was so angry! He continued growling and howling to show that he wasn’t a fan of Kaden’s insistence. Despite all that though, it’s really funny to see them like this. This person’s house must be so lively!

Check out the full video below:

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