German Shepherd Becomes the Perfect Babysitter, This Lovable Video Will Make Your Day

When you think about German Shepherds, you immediately think about how big and scary they are. They are very obedient, keen to learn and are always ready to do a job. This makes them great picks for military or police service, but they also make great pets for home as well. Don’t be fooled by them—they can be the sweetest and most gentle dogs you can find. If you still think they’re dangerous dogs, the pooch in the following video will make you reconsider.

This video the gentle side of the German Shepherd breed. One family had hatched some chicks in the house. These tiny babies needed round-the-clock care, so they wanted to keep a close eye on them. But the one that is most excited about meeting the chicks was the family’s German Shepherd dog named Thorin. This German Shepherd was extremely eager to meet the tiny little chicks, and it’s just heartwarming to see them interacting in such a sweet way.

Thorin was alert from the very beginning. He even kept a close eye on his mom, who was taking the chicks out of their enclosure. Maybe he wanted to make sure she handled them well. When she finally let them free on the ground, Thorin turned into the sweetest babysitter. He sniffed the chicks and made sure every one of them was comfy and good. The chicks too didn’t feel scared around him either. It was as though they knew he was gentle, so they didn’t take time to warm up to him!

Check out the full video below:

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