They Look Innocent and Sweet But When They Start Singing, I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off Them

Some people are born to rock the world with their phenomenal talent. I was open mouthed to see these young girls sing like that. They have surely mastered the art of singing. This is amazing.

These sisters are playing guitars and drums like they have been playing it for years. But they might be just 14, 12 and 9 year old. Daniela (lead guitar), Paulina (drums), and Alejandra (bass), known collectively as The Warning, are here to redefine rock and roll.Their rendition of “Enter Sandman” will strike your heart. I was startled hearing them and looking at their tiny hands going so smoothly over those guitars and drums. Who taught them so well and how did they learn all that so fast! This is so fascinating.

Even Metallica would be amazed hearing them. These sisters are immensely talented. Watch this video below let us know how you felt watching this through COMMENTS! ENJOY!

[ytvid id= “1boUYB9LFJY”]

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