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drummers surprise all

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Talented Kid Puts On Epic Drum Performance Using Buckets At Subway Station

Band chills entire audience

Band Chills Entire Audience With Its Haunting Twist on “Little Drummer Boy”

Boy Drummer Music

Toddler stuns the audience with his drumming skills-This is unbelievable

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High School Drumline Performance Is So Good It Made America’s Got Talent Come Begging

drum battle marines

Marines Challenged to a Friendly Drum Battle Put on a Big Show


Everyone Thought He Was an Ordinary 3 Yr Old Until He Walked Up to the Drums

Everyone Thought He Was an Ordinary 3 Yr Old, Until He Walked Up to the Drums & Started Playing

They Look Innocent and Sweet But When They Start Singing, I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off Them

I Couldn’t Stop Staring When I Saw This 8 Yr Old Deliver This Tough Drum Cover

They Told This 5 Yr Old “Girls Can’t Play Drums” But Watch Her Response

Everyone laughed when mom sat down at the drums, then she silenced them all with her performance

little drummer boy

Little Drummer Boy Hurts His Finger While Drumming, His Reaction Is The Cutest!