Josh Turner is an exceptional artist of this generation. Not only is a grammy nominated country singer, but his songs messages hold a special place in many people’s hearts. Furthermore, his concerts are incredible because he always puts his fans first. Not only that, he even includes his supporters in some of his performances! But nothing beats this one experience.

During a show at the Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville, Tennessee, Josh calls a 98-year-old on to the scene. But wait— it isn’t just any old lady. She is Josh Turner’s wife’s grandmother! It is her first time in the Ole Opry, where she gets ready to play the piano. And when she starts hitting the keys, the audience is left in awe!

lois cunningham and josh turner

Lois plays “How Great Art Thou,” and it is just so touching. You can see that her hands have weathered a lot in her time on earth. However, that does not stop her from playing the most beautiful tune ever! She is an excellent pianist, and the audience thinks so too. She gets the biggest round of applause after she ends her emotional music. Watch the incredible moment below:

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