For some time now, swing dance is gaining a wide range of popularity. One of the reasons could be its flexibility. They don’t require a particular body type or ethnicity. Therefore, people from different races and dance styles, and skills join the festival.

This wide range of acceptance grabbed a lot of attention. Soon people begin taking lessons and participating in amateur competitions. However, don’t let the name fool you. The performance executed by dancers is not just generating but amazingly choreographed.

The video below was a recording from West Coast Swing “Swingtacular” in2018. They had a fun segment, “Jack and Jill.” Dancer is chosen randomly, and they have to perform in 2 songs. They are challenged to portray a graceful, seamless choreography that needs a lot of trust. And some excellent improvisations skills. Even though the bit sounds difficult, our two contestants make it look effortless.

They secured the second position, the crowds’ cheer justify the whole dance act. Nick King and Victoria Henk are the pair for tonight. Initially, they stretch out. The host starts the music during this moment. The team makes the best out of the songs.

Moreover, they make smooth improvises amid their dance. Nick glides over the dance floor, and Victoria is light on the feet with the 1-2 step. Their teamwork and leadership skills are truly remarkable to witness. Please press play and enjoy this marvelous display of hard work and excellent timing. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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