Swimmer Who Notices A Great White Shark Following Him Is Saved By Dolphins

Adam Walker, the British long-distance swimmer, shared a fantastic swimming experience with Dolphins. Born in Nottingham, UK, Adam was keen on sports; hence, following in his father’s footsteps, he was playing Cricket and Rugby.

Initially, Adam was working in a well paid-National Sales position. Usually, an average person would be happy with the achievements, but Adam felt something missing. On a plane to Australia, he watched a movie, “On A Clear Day,” which deposits the story of a man swimming in English channels.

The movie was an excellent inspiration for Walker. By 2008 he swam across the English Channels. He went on completing these Ocean adventures. Not just that, he is the first English guy to swim all channels of Oceans 7. During the seven years of swim, he was stung by the Portuguese Man O War in Hawaii. He even had a chance to swim with the Dolphins.

The clip below is the glorious days in the water. While Adam is swimming, we can easily witness a Shark hovering beneath him. Hence, to keep him safe, a pod of Dolphins follows him around. They swim a long distance together, and finally, the aquatic mammals part ways. His girlfriend records the video as he fights the heavy waves. The couples now own a company, helping others to improve their stroke technique. Please press play and enjoy this fantastic video. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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