He’s SURE He’ll Break Through the Ice When He Jumps in the Frozen Pool…

If you browse the internet, you’ll find lots of “fail” videos where someone tries something and fails, usually with a funny result. It’s so prevalent that it’s become it’s own genre. And many of them feature someone doing something questionable or, to be more realistic, something stupid. That’s also become a genre and is so popular there was a TV show called “Jackass” that features people doing some of the stupidest things you can imagine.

So with all that as a backdrop, take a look at this hilarious video. Here we have a swimsuit-wearing young man standing outside in the cold, preparing to jump in the pool. He’s talking back and forth with the camera-person in a language that’s not English, but it doesn’t really matter what he’s saying. It’s clear he’s going to jump in the frozen-over pool and everything else doesn’t really matter.

So the guy gears up with a little banter back and forth, then for some strange reason drops into a superman-like pose with a couple of English swear bombs. But pretty quickly he’s back up and headed for the pool. And that’s when the real fun starts.

Now it’s pretty obvious this wouldn’t be a “fail” video, or even have made it to the internet, if everything had gone as planned. I mean, we know he’s not going to break through.  What we couldn’t imagine, however, was how SPECTACULARLY he fails and how his superman-like form melts away into a cringing little boy. I mean, clearly that hurt–but given his antics ahead of time, it’s also hilarious! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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