We, humans, are curious beings. Fortunately, that has worked out for us in many wonderful ways. In these past centuries, we have come from nothing to having buildings, jobs, and now social media. All because we were curious enough to go looking for answers. Once we set our mind to something, the determination to find the answers stays in charge.

At times, this curiosity gets the best of us. Similar to this youtube clip that has more than 81 million people interested. Can a chicken swim? Your first thought, maybe or maybe not. Because you never had the time to ask yourself that.

Thanks to youtube, you can find answers with minimal effort. All you have to do is search. Indeed, the views make a statement that we are always eager to know things we have little to no information about. So, what was the most curious moment in your life? Did you look for the answers or even rose to a simple experiment like the fellow in the video?

Do share your side of the story with us. Please press play and enjoy the answer.

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