Grieving Elderly Man Had No One to Talk to – but Watch When This Woman Notices Him

When we see some in pain, we tend to have a few ways to counteract the situation. We try our level best to minimize the pain, emphasize the joy of the particular discussion. However, do we ever have the courage to discuss pain with strangers?

Thanks to the social experiment by What would you do (WWYD), we may have few answers. Initially, we get a background on the scenario that will be acted out. The waitress walks over to her daily customer. To her surprise, the old veteran is sitting alone.

During their pleasantries, we overhear that his friend is dead. The story takes place in a diner. The very first customers who hear this heartbreaking story reacts. The woman with teary eyes gives the man courage to stay strong.

The experiment is focusing on people who would either join him or ask him to join their table. Everyone has a technique to handle such situations. Some try to console him, while others give him the truth. But one lady at the end was my favorite. After hearing the conversation, she walks to the man and gives him a big hug. Furthermore, the woman sits there, trying to help recover through the rough times. Please press play and watch this heartwarming scenario as it plays out. Do share what you would have done differently in that condition.

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