Street Performer Brings Out Pots and Pans, Plays Incredible Song That Has Crowd Dancing

When you think busker, there are slimmer chances of you imagining an artist with pots and pans. Usually, they have speakers or guitars strapped to their arms and even mics in some cases. But not this particular musician who amazed the crowd with how far one can go with utensils and buckets.

Dario Rossi started his music career early on in his life. At the age of ten, he had already begun studying drums. Soon he entered the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome to enhance his skill further. In the meantime, Rossi was experimenting with the sounds of objects. His first experiment dates back to 2011 in London. He attracted a curious crowd once he began playing with a bunch of recycled items.

In 2014, the Berlin experiment was a massive hit and pretty soon went viral in media. The performance below is taking place in Dam Square, Amsterdam. There is no denying that Rossi is one of the best drummers in the world. The way he manipulates sound through everyday objects alone will astound you. The electric scene featuring will fool you if you just use the audio. I mean, you can try and make your friends guess the instrument just by audio.

They will surely pick a high-end drum set, not pots and pans. Please enjoy this musical artwork.

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