Man Snaps This Moment of Postal Worker’s Patriotic Action Toward Neighbor

A country flag is a matter of pride for the people living in it. Although we love and show great respect for the flag, nobody quite understands the meaning like a veteran. Don’t you think so?

Someone who devoted all their lives to serving and protecting the nation has a deeper appreciation. So, when Michael’s neighbors began raising the American Flag in his yard, a local USPS worker showed his patriotism. It was an ordinary day for Michael Lemper; he was driving in front of his house when he noticed something. There was a USPS mail truck on the side of the road.

When Michael drove a little further, the mailman of the truck was outside. The postal worker, Robert Franklin, was standing tall and saluting the flag. Michael quickly grabbed his phone and took a picture of the incident. After the flag was raised fully, Michael went to ask the military veteran to share the moment in the media.

“I then waited until the flag was fully raised before I walked over to introduce myself, asked him for his permission to share this moment, and thanked him for his service.”

Once the post was out on Facebook, the U.S. Postal Service interviewed Robert and shared his words with the world. Robert wishes his behavior would encourage other postal workers to share flag etiquette. In the interview, he said, “It’s a way to show as an arm of the federal government, we are the stewards of these customs and courtesies.”

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