Cashier Shames Customer Who Can’t Afford All Her Items – Watch What This Woman Does

Inspired by a real-life event that happened in a grocery story, the program “What Would You Do?” released a video where they experimented on camera with the same scenario. A woman walks in the checkout line, just to realize she is short in $12. The cashier giver her a hard time for being unable to pay the amount.

The ABC broadcast captures people’s reactions to what unfolds in front of them at the cash register. “What Would You Do?,” which uses hidden cameras to record people’s reactions to uncomfortable situations, has been on air since February 2008. The program features actors who act out the illegal or conflicting issues.

The individuals hardly know they are under surveillance. The team makes sure to include variations in genders, age groups. The video opens with a woman in the checkout line. Another customer is waiting just behind. She is listening to the conversations.

Once the woman realizes the situation, she quickly moves to rescue. She hands out her card to the cashier to pay for both items. John Quiñones, the host, pushes her actors to give the helper a hard time. However, she doesn’t break at all. She insists on paying. A few people come and follow in the footsteps. Watch the satisfying video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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