Parrot Adorably Freaks Out When He Finds A Paper Towel To Play With

Having pets around the house is such a joyful experience. Besides their constant need for attention and mischievous actions, they are quite the companions you need. They pack a variant of talents or likings depending on the animals.

For dogs, it’s a game of fetch that keeps them entertained. The bond between pups and balls is undetachable. In contrast, the felines relish catching flickering lights. No matter the choice, we love them dearly. Furthermore, enjoy watching them get excited about small things.

Much like this parrot owner, a 2-year-old caique is a bundle of joy. He loves to whistle and hop around. And the discovery he makes with a paper towel is just way too entertaining to witness. From wrapping around to himself to pulling it over, the birdie seems satisfied with the newfound interest.

In the background, we can hear the faint laughter of the owner. Didn’t you find it refreshing to watch such happiness over a tiny tissue? Please share your thoughts in the feed.

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