The Smallest Horse In The World Is Undeniably Adorable

Mini horses are some of the most adorable creatures on planet earth. Royalty would even keep them by their side as prized companions in the 17th century. Selective breeding has created an active introduction of the dwarf gene over the years. Nowadays, breeders use different types of techniques to produce smaller horses. Einstein the foal is a result of this.

Einstein is the smallest miniature horse in the whole world. He was born on 22nd April, 2010 in Barnstead New Hampshire at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm. He belongs to Charles Cantrell and Rachel Wagner. This little guy is just 6 lbs in weight and 14 inches tall in height. Einstein set the Guinness World Record for being the tiniest colt. But no matter how small he is, he always has tons of energy to spare.

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