She Pointed The Mic Towards This Parrot, And His Words Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Humans really pride themselves in being the smartest beings on the planet. But they aren’t the only ones. There are so many animals and birds that also show so many traits of intelligence. Usually, dolphins, dogs and even crows fall in this category of smart animals. But you can’t forget parrots! They are incredibly intelligent as well.

Parrots are really smart birds. They have the incredible ability to copy anything they hear around them, including speech and sound. It has certainly amused humans for ages. They can also be taught all sorts of tricks if they are trained properly. Many bird shows are at held at zoos to showcase this. The parrot in this video doesn’t specialize in jumping through hoops, but her abilities will blow you away.

Einstein is a talented African Grey parrot. She is the star at Knoxville Zoo in the US. African Gray Parrots have been studied by scientists because of their great intelligence, and Einstein is a smart cookie. The extent of her vocabulary is astonishing! She makes all kinds of sounds to express various moods and emotions, just like we do. It is quite an achievement, considering she is a parrot!

Check out this stunning performance below:

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