An Interview With 2 Parrots Turns Hilarious When the Singing Starts

Anyone who’s seen a parrot talk will tell you that they are intelligent birds. Moreover, the speed with which they pick up the sound around them to imitate it is incredible! But this reporter wasn’t aware of how much talent parrots can possess. So, he went to see it for himself. However, he wasn’t expecting this!

News Reporter Jake Hamilton was probably going for a serious interview while filming live for Fox 32 Chicago’s morning show. Furthermore, his subjects were none other than two chatty yellow-headed amazon parrots. When the caretaker asks one bird what its name is, it replies with a hello! But they seem to have an interest in music more than in the ongoing interview. And they manage to steal the show!

parrots singing

Rather than talk to the reporter, the parrot begins serenading the camera with a traditional Spanish song! Moreover, the other bird also joins in to sing “La Cucaracha,” belting out the la la’s! They even start harmonizing melodies at one point.

Lastly, they prove that they’re not a one-trick pony and sing “Old McDonald.” And their talent doesn’t go to waste as they have 11 million views in their video!

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