Single Dad Adopts 13-year-old Who Was Abandoned 2 Years Earlier at Hospital

Adoption stories are one of my favorites. It takes a lot of patience to parent and especially when the journey begins with two strangers. But the story featuring today is by far the most beautiful one I have heard till today. Normally when kids get adopted they hope this is it, my family.

That’s what Tony felt when he was adopted at the age of four. After spending 2-3 years in foster care, a couple from Oklahoma raised him like his one. The next few years were amazing, he was comfortable enough to call his adoptive parents, “Mom” and “Dad”. Unaware of what lies ahead of him. At the age of eleven, the foster parents left him at the hospital.

Obviously, the experience traumatized the little boy. The idea of a family shattered right in front of his eyes. As a result, he was back in the system under the care of Jessica Ward. One weekend, Jessica reached out to another caretaker, to look after Tony for the time being. Peter Mutabazi, a professional parent was happy to help. The time they spent together was evidence enough for Peter, that he wanted to take care of Tony as his own.

Enjoy this amazing story.

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