FedEx Driver Caught on Camera Delivering More Than Just a Package

Recently the internet has been filled with people sharing CCTV footage of their package getting stolen. Ever since people have started ordering through sun online, these incidents have escalated. However, the clip below has a much refreshing notion.

Usually, delivery driver do their job and get along their way. People hardly expect them to anything different than dropping boxes. But the Ferndale, Maryland camera captures entirely different scenarios. The CCTV footage belongs to Gail Cook, who was stunned to find something other than delivery packages on her porch.


She immediately checked the camera to inspect the situation further. A FedEx driver Mike King stopped his vehicle by Gail’s house. To her surprise, the man didn’t have anything to deliver. The former marine saw the fallen flagpole in the front yard. Hence, he got out of his vehicle just to fold them neatly and place them on her porch.

The man is too precious for this world. Please press play and enjoy this touching clip.

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