Adopted Man Sees His Photo on “Missing Person” Site, Uncovers Family Mystery

Typically, don’t we all have a profoundly entrenched question about our existence? Who are we as an individual or what is our purpose in this world? Steve Carter asked the same queries but in a more literal sense than ours. Adopted at the age of four, Steve never knew his biological parents.

Moreover, he never looked for anyone as he was content with how his life turned out. He had loving parents, a happy married life. What more a man expects. But one day, browsing through the internet, a headline caught his sight. It was a piece on an Atlanta woman who solved her own missing case. The interest piqued in Steve to find out about his childhood. Certain things didn’t add up the Philadelphia man.

Like his hair is blonde with blue eyes, a far cry from his ethnicity, as half- Hawaiian. In hopes of clearing these suspicion, Carter visited the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website. Unaware of what was waiting for him on the other side after all these years. He found a picture of a baby that resembled a lot like himself. The rest is an exciting find.

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