Profesional Magician Reveals The Simplicity Behind His Tricks

Who doesn’t like magic tricks? The answer is no one, we enjoy illusions. Although we know the guy with the big hat switched his cards or bottles, we never know when they did it. That my readers are the beauty of tricks.

During boring parties, these magic tricks come in handy to make new friends or escalate the energy.

The king of weird psychology studies, Professor Richard Wiseman is a renowned author for writing books on psychology. Besides that, he is also a professional magician. He helps break down complex tricks into simpler terms.

The clip below captures 10 simple ideas that anyone can conquer with enough patience, practice, and confidence. From levitating cups, sneaky mice to breaking bones. These tricks are guaranteed to grab the attention of your crowd.

Richard Wiseman is the magician who is ready to reveal his secrets.

Please press play and enjoy the clip. Did you find them easy to learn? Do share your thoughts.

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