9-Yr-Old NYC Magician Wows Judges, But Watch What Happens After

Talent shows bring us all kinds of great acts, with some of the best being performed by children. We don’t expect the kids to perform as well as they do and we love being surprised.

Here’s one that combines kids, surprise and even a little humility.  The Amazing Shoji, a 9-year-old from New York City, confidently walks on stage and tells the judges he’s been practicing magic for three years. He’s also aware of the show’s $1 million prize–he’d love nothing better than to buy some carne asada tacos and a dog!  He’s adorable from the start.

What makes this clip so special, however, is what happens after Shoji wows the judges with coins and cards. After Simon proclaims him “a wizard” and the judges vote, Shoji smiles his big smile and shows his braces–and what happens next shows the incredible pressure he feels performing on a national stage at only 9.

Watch Shoji’s talent and emotion in the clip below, then let us know in the comments how you think he did in his first national TV appearance!

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