They Start in Matching Red Dresses, but You Won’t Believe It When They Turn Around

Who doesn’t enjoy a great magic show? The answer is no one. Albeit being just an illusion people tend to get involved mentally. We try to catch the trick, but alas we are left wandering in the process till the very end.

A group of ladies put on an enchanting magic show captivating the judges and the audience.

Initially, card tricks and parlor magic or close-up magic were the highlights of the Golden Age. So, pickpocketing and vanishing tricks were sufficient to keep the crowds interested. But with time, the audience demands more mind-boggling and captivating shows.

Similar to the one featured below in the clip.  A group of 12 ladies walks on the stage gracefully wearing lovely maroon dresses. Within minutes of their entrance, the crowd is stun by a variety of dress changes. Furthermore, every one of the adjustments takes place amid the performance smoothly and in-sync.

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