Man Sat Down for a Soup Testing but Pay Attention to the Spoon When He Picks It Up

Pranks are one of the most beautiful experiences unless you are the one being pranked. We enjoy this activity so much that we have a date specified to enjoy it. So it’s safe to say they are in the same league as cat videos, free candies. 

Everyone loves to prank, but very few pull it off with a straight face. 

The video featured below is by “Just for Laughs.” The Quebec-based troupe makes excellent usage of their inhabitants as the victim. The characters are caught in twisted comedic situations. Although the video lasts only for few minutes, they never fail to impress us with their clever plots. 

In the clip, a restaurant is trying a new soup; hence they get called in to share their feedback. The very humble residents passing by make time for it. A man guides them to a table set with tomato soup, and a spoon dipped in it. 

The customers take a seat and grab the spoon. However, to their surprise, it’s no ordinary utensil. Some understand the situation within few seconds. For some, it takes quite a while to figure out they are victims of a prank. Please press play and enjoy this playful content on grown-ups. Did you like the prank? Do share your thoughts in the feed. 

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