Sometimes we hear a story that lifts our spirits. Miracles are on every corner. We need to stay patient enough. Similar is the fantastic story of this pizza delivery guy.

Nyles Harris works in dominos, and he has to deliver pizzas to the Bethlehem location on Easton Avenue. Moreover, the customers’ advocate that he is one of the polite servers you will come forth. Hence, he seems to get tips, but he was blessed by a generous customer one day.

Gabriella Nelida DeMartino, a vlogger/singer, was at the receiving end. The starlet has also appeared on tv series, which almost aired up for five seasons. And she owns a youtube channel with nearly over three million subscribers. She was filming one of her vlogs when Nyles arrived with pizza.

Initially, they share pleasantries, and at the end, the YouTuber pays her bill with a hefty tip of 2000 dollars for him. The owner of Dominoes asks him to keep the money. Harris adds that he was facing a lot of financial trouble. And the money couldn’t have come at a better time. Good people do get their deeds rewarded, don’t you think? Please share your thoughts in the feed.

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