Here’s What a Yellow Ribbon Tied to a Dog’s Harness or Collar Means

You must have seen a million dogs in your lifetime. Many canines walk proudly donned with colorful collars, a big bow tie at times. But it turns out the accessories have a deeper meaning than just adding color to the dog’s personality.

Take,  Yellow ribbon, for example, any dog wearing that is asking you to provide the space. This global educational approach helps identifies the dog who doesn’t like being touched through the color yellow. It comes from the “Yellow Dog Project.” So when you see a canine wearing a yellow ribbon or extra accessories, colored yellow. Approach gently or don’t unless they require assistance.


However, the yellow ribbon doesn’t always mean that these canines are or can get aggressive. These animals may need space for various reasons, such as anxiety, health issues, lack of proper training. So please give them the space they need and deserve. And if you do want to approach the canines, here are three steps to doing it carefully.

  1. Never maintain eye contact, this can symbolize signs of aggression, and you might not want to end up in that situation.
  2. Dogs have a sharp hearing, as we all know. So, it helps to lower your voice and speak softly when you approach them. Loud noise can trigger defensive mode.
  3. Always crouch down a little bit while approaching these dogs. Maintaining a level closer to them. And most important, do it slowly. We don’t want to startle or scare the pups away.

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