In the contemporary, there is hardly anyone who has not been part of a social media spat or enjoyed one from afar. Besides the healthy he said, she said, fight in these platforms can get really ugly. Right then and there, people ditch their manners at the door. Soon begins the shameless, abusive verbal spar.

Most users clap back, meaning hit back with equally nasty comments to defend themselves or point out the wrongdoing. However, no two people think the same. Recently Chad Prather began receiving a lot of hate for his beautiful southern accent. Instead of stooping down to the haters’ level, he made a new approach.

Chad titled his classy rant as “Unapologetically Southern”. Many had pointed out. His accent makes him sound ignorant and even offensive. Cool as a cucumber, the man gave out one humorous and sharp response. He defended not only his accent but also the southern way of lifestyle. The video has accumulated over 3M views and tons of supportive comments.

I hope you enjoy this exciting confrontation with the haters.

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