Baby Orangutan Was Separated From Her Mother, Their Reunion Will Move You To Tears

The bond shared by a mom and her child is exceptional. It’s heartbreaking to see families members separated and their existence unknown. Similar is the case of separation and reunion of this Orangutan with her baby.

The story behind their tragedy is as dramatic as a movie. A small baby orangutan kidnapped by a dominant male Orangutan. The baby gets taken away from Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue Center. It took nearly a week to get the baby back, and now the major question arises if her mother is willing to accept her or not.

However, it wasn’t an immediate happy ending for the two of them. Orangutan’s mom, Clara, took some time in recognizing and accepting her baby. Thankfully, her motherly instinct kicked in. We see an emotional reunion in the video, and it makes us wonder how similar Orangutan are to humans.

Watch this video:

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