Sweet Pooch Doesn’t Let His Human Drive Unless He Holds His Paw

Every dog enjoys a good car ride. Whenever they get to see open windows, they never let it pass without sticking their heads out enjoying the open air. But on different occasions, other dogs have no interest in such things and have other things in mind. Just like in this particular car drive, instead of a head and tongue sticking out of a window, a clingy dog only wants one thing— to hold hands with his human.

A Cocker Spaniel named Tommy has always been a good dog to his owner– you can even say that he is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. Adam Douglas, Tommy’s loving dad has posted a video of him being clingy and all during one of their many drives in the streets of Ireland. The dog was seen repeatedly tapping his owner’s arm while driving to get him to hold hands/paws with Tommy.

This sweet moment was filmed on Adam’s iPhone using a safe set up holder attached to the driver side door used for hands-free calls, as he explains in his post due to some concerns of him using his phone while driving. Adam also reassures that Tommy is also safely buckled up using his harness before they left the house. As seen on the video, while Tommy eagerly wanted to hold hands with his owner, Adam can’t do so during the entire drive or else he couldn’t do so properly. But Tommy’s sweet gesture is always appreciated as he does it all the time and Adam also tries his best to indulge his faithful pet’s requests.

Watch the pair’s sweet little moment below.

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