When times are hard, parents are there for their children, providing love and support. It is a tedious but satisfying task, which is highly difficult to accomplish. It is one of the toughest jobs, but it is well worth it. Sadly, there are still parents who do not share this opinion. Each day, there are children who are rejected, left alone, or hurt because of circumstances outside of their control. The child will be traumatized by this and other examples of poor parenting for the rest of their life.

The short film “Gift” follows the tale of a young girl who is adopted by a loving family, which was developed by Zsófia Zsemberi. In the early stages of her life, the child was raised in a foster home. She got to spend time with a supportive family that she had not been able to be around for a long time.

Father Abandons Adopted Daughter

Everything was running smoothly when she first showed up. The girl was blessed with kind, loving adoptive parents and a kind, big sister. They had fun with each other, even if only in games. But one day everything changed. Watch the video yourself.

Whether it’s a parent of a child or a pet, everybody needs to understand that they are responsible for their life. Please SHARE this video with all the parents out there.