Husband’s Letter Demands Divorce, Wife’s Brilliant Reply Makes Him Regret It

Arguments in a relationship, new or old, are healthy. As humans, we all have different opinions, and sometimes, we just don’t agree with each other. This is perfectly normal, but if a fight leads to the final separation. Then it’s something the couple might need to sit down and resolve if possible.

We all have been there, hearing the one-sided story from our infuriated friend about what his/her spouse did the other night. But judging the other partners solely based on the story is always not correct. Sometimes, we are unaware of the absolute truth behind the horror people might be living with.

Especially during a fight between husband and wife. Hence, many therapists suggest confronting sessions. However, there are times when one of the partners makes being together impossible. The clip below is one of those few incidents. The husband decides to file a divorce after seven years of marriage without consulting his wife at all. He ends the relationship with a note. The reply he gets back is the icing on the cake.

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