When Scotty Mccreery Sang This Hit by George Jones, Everyone in the Audience Lost Their Minds!

Scotty McCreery is a beloved performer. He has been a very enthusiastic fan of covers for a very long time. And he definitely knows a good tune when he hears one. This video is from the Grand Ole Opry conducted a few weeks back. When Scotty stepped on the stage, every single soul in the audience was wondering what he would do.

They probably expected a great performance, and of course, McCreery didn’t disappoint. He did a beautiful cover of the incredible George Jones. His rendition of Jones’ 1974 number one hit “The Grand Tour” hypnotized the audience. If you like country music, then this cover by Scotty is surely going to win your heart!

Grand Tour Cove {FCP 6_10_15} 1-13 screenshot

Watch this wonderful rendition in the video below! Let us know if you liked it in the comments!

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