Elvis Presley Does a Comedic Act on Stage, Now Take Look as He Pranks His Crew Members

Elvis Presley is a very famous man. Guys are drawn to his voice; women are drawn to his looks and charms. But rarely many people know that Elvis is over the top hilarious! The following video shows some of his incredibly funny moments. So you will be holding your sides when watching him come onstage to perform!

Elvis is also frequently called The King of Roll & Roll, or more simply, The King. But really I had no idea Elvis was this funny. Here in the video he just fools around and acts silly. He pranks his crew and falls out of chairs! That’s Elvis for you! This hilarious side of Elvis will make you laugh nonstop. What a great personality right?

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Watch Elvis and his funny moments in the video below! Did you enjoy that video? Let us know in the comments!

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